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S.E.E.S. (6): Minato likes you all. Really. He may not know everyone, but his opinion is that if they're willing to join SEES and fight the Shadows, they must be good people. That being said, he'd like to get to know everyone better, but alas.

Joseph Lindsey (1): You confuse him. However, you strike him as a very good person at heart, if... incredibly overenthusiastic. Something like a puppy. He'd kind of like to get to know you better outside of "PARUSAMA".


Iori Junpei (6): Junpei! Buddy! Minato, for all the shit the two give each other, views Junpei as basically a bff. He has a lot of fun just messing around with Junpei, playing games at the arcade, hanging out, getting treated to absurdly large meals eating out, etc. Out of everyone in his age group he likes you and Yukari best. (WE NEED TO THREAD MORE.)

Tomochika Kenji (5): Kenji! Retardbuddy! Minato enjoys talking to Kenji, too. Kenji is actually valuable to Minato's mind as a sort of an anchor to reality. He has a really good friend who is not a member of SEES and thus doesn't know about the weird stuff that goes on. Kenji reminds Minato just what he's fighting for. Minato feels really guilty about lying to Kenji all the time, but he knows it can't be helped. He is also slightly confused by Kenji's choice in girls.

Kanzaki Sai (1): I think they've only threaded once or twice but Minato's impression was overall positive. He worries about Sai because he stays in Junpei's lair of eroge but.


Yamagishi Fuuka: WHERE ARE YOU.

Kanzaki Zaiten (3): Minato likes Zai! He feels really, really bad for him, too. Being in the Dark Hour with no Persona must suck, and Minato worries about Zai. Especially after the school trip.

Yamaguchi Keita (0): ... to be honest he kind of scares Minato. Minato wants to know what's up with him and help him get over the issues, but... even MINATO fears him.


Kirijou Mitsuru (3): SENPAI. Minato has nothing but respect for you. He just. Wishes you wouldn't blame him when shit breaks. :( THREAD WITH ME MORE.

Oshiro Tama (1): We threaded once or twice and it was generally positive.


Sanada Akihiko (???): ... where are we at now anyway. You told me about Shinji's cooking so there's clearly a lot of trust here but. I dunno.

Bridgeman, Kevin (0): Only met in passing with other AuSEES. But he respects that you came all the way out to Japan to help them.


Aragaki Shinjiro (8): huzzah update. Minato thinks Shinjiro-senpai is awesome and enjoys talking to him. The thing with the pills has scared him, but. Now that he's holding on to the pills, he thinks everything is going to turn out okay. He feels bad for Shinji for losing Castor, but it got Shinji to make the decision and stop taking the pills, so it all works out.


Takeba Yukari (9): Oh god. I'm just going to c/p the meme.

There's a lot of \o/ because fuck yeah, he finally asked her out and she accepted and. If he was capable of showing emotion he would be going WOOOO \o/. But. No emotion. So just ':|' but it's a ridiculously happy :|.

Of course, there's. A minor amount of 'whoops' because. He somehow managed to forget to tell her that 'oh yeah, by the way, my Persona got ganked.' He has no idea how that slipped his mind. Of course, he's worried plot shall get Yukari too, so when that happens he'll be a bit depressed over that.

Other than that he. Is also feeling awkward because he's never actually done this before, and so he has no idea what to do now. He briefly entertained the idea of asking Ryoji and Kenji... and then realized what he was thinking and squished that idea. sob needs kenji to tease us horribly about this.

Yamaguchi Yuu (2): ... poor kid, you need to keep a better eye on your Evoker.


Aegis (?): WE'VE HAD SO MANY AEGISES (Aeges?) I DON'T KNOW WHERE I STAND WITH THIS ONE. ... that said he gets this strange feeling of deja vu when he talks to Aegis, and... doesn't actually mind her breaking into his room. ... Probably because she's a robot but still.


Koromaru (:D): Minato takes Koromaru on walks regularly. He has fun. loev doggy.
Nishiwaki Yuko (2?): Minato likes Yuko but doesn't know her that well outside of 'track team manager'. He's on the Kendo team, so. D: He'd like to get to know her better.



Kashihara Jun (0): We had that one awkward conversation about hair once, but Minato didn't get to know you well enough to form an S.Link.

Shirato Jin (-10000): DDDD<


Suou Katsuya (0): We met at the mall that one time and now he's kind of. Wary. Because 'lol suspicion' so quickly. :(

Dojima Nanako (d'aww): Minato doesn't even know you but thinks you're adorable. Fourth wall influnce or Nanako's just that cute? You decide.


Yoshino Chidori (0): You are Junpei's girlfriend. Those last two words used together confuse him. (Just kidding, ilu junpei) He doesn't really know you but we kept you locked up in our basement for a month or so so I feel bad about that.

Miyagi Chiharu (1): Minato is very unsure why she has even a 1. The voice in his head told him so and it's never wrong, but he doesn't really like her. She confuses him and has no respect for personal space or decency, and she enjoys mocking him. He realizes there are deeper underlying issues, though.


Mochizuki Ryoji (6): ryoji! \o/ He's very confused, because he feels very... comfortable talking to Ryoji, like he's known Ryoji forever. He doesn't mind much, and enjoys talking to Ryoji a lot. We need to go out to the arcade sometime.


Nakajima Kiyo (0): He only knows of you, I don't believe we've talked. However, he is under the impression that you and Touta have a thing for each other so. Yeah.



Ikutsuki Shuuji (?): ... sob. Minato actually trusts Ikutsuki a lot. It's Ikutsuki-san who gave him his power, who brought him to where he could do good, etc, etc. He really respects the man, especially since he has no Persona, so he's at way more risk during the Dark Hour than anyone else. When Ikutsuki turns out to be an evil bastard, Minato will be v. v. sad.

Kappugawa Touta (6): Minato really likes Touta. If either of them were to leave town or something, Minato would be sure to grab his email address so they could still write each other. That said, Minato worries a hell of a lot about Touta, and is half-sure Touta's going to end up killing himself somehow, intentionally or accidentally. He feels bad about the Persona thing too. But Touta is still a bff.


Morizawa Chieko (1): He appreciates the defense of his masculinity. ;.;


Amano Maya (2): Minato enjoyed talking to Maya, and wants to learn more from her. She has the same ability as him, to use and equip multiple Personae, and she also knows about Igor and the Velvet Room... He wants to learn more from her. (tl;dr they need to meet up so Minato can ask her questions)




Elizabeth (?): Minato is. Confused as hell. He doesn't mind helping her out, but her exact nature and her foreignness to human culture is... confusing. Plus why doesn't he with you this confuses him to no end. WHERE IS THE VOICE IN MY HEAD. D|

That aside, I have a question for people! The game actually says there is a voice in his head when he makes S.Links and with the blue butterflies everywhere, I have come to the conclusion that this does, in fact, happen outside of gameplay purposes. My theory is that the voice is Philemon, dicking people around still, without even appearing. Naturally, this is cool and makes a lot of sense, so I kinda want to use it, but it basically means "Minato knows the arcana of everyone he meets". Which is useful in jesusing, but kind of godmody at the same time. So, I ask people:

Do you care if Minato magically knows what Arcana you are?
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