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Arisato Minato (有里湊)
5 February
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YOUR NAME: Hinoryu
HAVE YOU ROLEPLAYED BEFORE?: Yes. Lots of IRC, MSN, and LiveJournal, not so much elsewhere.
CHARACTER'S NAME: Arisato Minato
AGE: 17
BIRTH DATE: 2/5 (His birthday never was shown in game. The official book says it was the fifth of some month. A birthday is big enough to be shown in-game. Logically, it follows that his birthday was the one fifth of a month that was never played.)
HOMETOWN: Iwatodai.
OCCUPATION: Student, part-time jesus.
GRADE: Junior
CLUBS: None yet.
SEX: Male
PLAYED BY: Arisato Minato.
WEAKNESSES: COMBAT: Weak to electricity and dark with Orpheus. Other weaknesses established when I get to what his other Persona will be. He also has no real weaknesses. He is extremely zen, and really, better than most people at most things. A Jack of all trades.
STRENGTHS: COMBAT: If you kill him, he will rise again in three days- no, wait, wrong Jesus. Uh, no real strengths, in combat or otherwise. The Fool is a rather balanced arcana, enabling all equally. He can do most things well, but nothing outstandingly well. His greatest asset, though, is likely his pure zen, that enables him to remain calm in any situation.
WEAPON OF CHOICE: One-handed swords, though he can use just about any weapon.
PERSONA: Orpheus. Organic head, scarf, lyre, mechanical body, speaks through the speakers on his chest and belly, you know the deal.
PERSONA ABILITIES: Agi, Bash, Tarunda.
ARCANA: Fool, complete with his foot off the metaphorial cliff.
PERSONALITY: Minato is... the best way to put it is, very zen. He has an eternally calm, quiet demeanor that is impossible to break. He simply sits back, listens to his music, and is a very responsible, normal teenager. Except for the whole absolute readiness to become an hero, that's slightly different. He knows a lot, and if he doesn't know something, he has a tendancy to make something up on the spot and pretend it's okay.
However, some people tend to think he just has no personality at all. This is somewhat fitting with his Arcana. Minato is ultimately the Fool- Empty, but with infinite possibilities. He can be anyone or anything. He simply chooses to remain what he is most of the time- Very calm, and at peace with the world.
Minato was born in Iwatodai to his parents. He lived a very normal childhood, until 1999, when he was seven years old. He experienced something called the "Dark Hour", and his parents were killed by Shadows. Then his future robot waifu lost a fight with a Shadow with a sexy scarf, leading said robot to seal said sexy scarfed shadow into a kid. (Innuendo? What innuendo?) The kid then left Iwatodai to go stay elsewhere. There, he had lots of free time, and began to experiment with all sorts of different hobbies. He became very skilled at many things, but not outstanding at any, shaping his well-rounded talents.
Ten years later, he returned to Iwatodai after receiving an invitation to stay at Gekkoukan. He moved into the dorms, and was made to sign a contract. Accepting responsibility for his actions, he moved forward, and on the full moon, learned how to become an hero. He has been a member of S.E.E.S. all year. However, people may not know him well, as his quiet personality means he tends to keep to himself.

Academics: 3
Charm: 4
Courage: 3

Level: 23